Brand’s Surgical Supply is a pharmaceutical and surgical consumables wholesaler, servicing clients across Australia. Our open book pricing policy ensures that as our volume increases, your purchase prices reduce.
BSS was established to use the collective purchasing power of local day hospitals to achieve better pricing, along with a superior, personal level of customer service. Today we service in excess of 500 hospitals, day hospitals, clinics, Dr’s rooms, pharmacies and facilities across the country, still with the same level of attentive, personalised customer service.
Our core values have remained solid through our rapid expansion and we are proud that we have been able to consistently deliver on promise:

Our open book pricing policy ensures that any improvement in purchasing opportunity is transferred directly to our customers. As our buying power increases, greater savings are achieved and passed on to our customers.
We adopt a hands on approach to customer service and offer flexible solutions for all client types. We embrace feedback and are constantly looking for ways to further improve our exemplary service.
BSS is proud to have cultivated strong working partnerships with industry leading suppliers of pharmaceuticals and surgical consumables. These robust supplier relationships enable us to offer a broad range of quality surgical consumables and pharmaceuticals at exceptional prices.